Paula Deen’s Talk Show

I attended the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment show in Atlanta this weekend, and aside from array of gourmet foods and cooking tools scattered throughout the convention, I had the pleasure to see the one and only Paula Deen! Rather than cooking up a meal for us, she decided to use the hour to simply talk to her fans and answer questions. As the hour progressed, Paula seemed to get very excited about some new news she recently learned, and was anxious to share with us. After asking permission from her agents ((twice)) to disclose the info, she finally revealed that she will have her own talk show beginning September 2009! Watch the video to see exactly what she said!


  1. hoecakebaby says:

    if this cackling attention whore is given her own talk show i will eat a bullet. i have had WAY more than enough of this southern pig and everyone in her family too…..

  2. Paula Deen has gone from rags to riches and is a very talented woman. She started off with $200 in her pocket when she started a small catering company called The Bag Lady in Savannah. She made it to where she is today without a husband, and only her two boys to help her in the kitchen. I would say she’s more of a role model than a cackling attention whore. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    As a Southerner who is disabled and at home,I wish that I could be in the work force again …It is hard to be at home and to watch your backside grow…
    I can tell you one thing though , we do NOT need to be bombarded with this CARTOON of a human being Paula Deen…She does NOT represent the South…She’s like Jerry Clower or Jeff Foxworthy or Hee Haw…She’s a joke…Mr.Clower,Mr.Foxworthy and the Hee Haw folks were not dirty and they didn’t do just anything at all for money…Paula Deen is what we call white trash…Money does not a change a sow’s ear into a silk purse…And,believe me this woman is definitely a big sow’s ear !
    If she has a talk show someone will really have to censor the thing…Children shouldn’t hear some of the things that flow from her mouth !

  4. I didn’t realize so many people had a problem with Paula Deen! I guess you’ll just have to find something else to watch on TV when her show is on. Thanks for the input though!

  5. I have been a fan of Paula’s in the past. I admire the way she came from basically nothing to build the success that she enjoys today. I still watch her cooking show, although the older episodes are still my favorites. Paula and I are from the same hometown, so I have always felt a bit of a kindred connection to her. But, I almost feel like she’s getting away from her roots now. When she first started her cooking show, she seemed more simple – more just humble and down to earth. These days, you just never know what’s going to fly out of her mouth – especially on “Paula’s Party” where she is known to get a little more rowdy. And, many of the items she prepares on her show aren’t really Southern or “down home” dishes at all. I know she is bound to run of recipe ideas at some point, but I just think she has gotten away from what gave her such a draw with the fans early on in her Food Network career.

    I also think that she is becoming as over-exposed and over-commercialized as Rachael Ray. Both Paula and Rachael have such charm and charisma on their own and their first Food Network shows really drew me in on a regular basis. These days, I can take them or leave them and I mostly leave them. This is because everywhere you look lately, there is Rachael or Paula. I feel that being this commercialized really dilutes what they really stand for. At some point it seems to me that it’s more about the money and fame than it is the passion for the job.

    Don’t get me wrong, if this makes Paula Deen a happy lady, then I’m happy for her. Will I tune in? Doubtful. I’m just not sure its’ the right fit for Paula. I wish her success though and just hope she doesn’t burn out and lose her passion.

  6. Touché, Kelly. Well said. I will admit though, she was very entertaining at the cooking show!

  7. I have no doubt that she is still highly entertaining. I think that at the very heart of Paula, she is still one heck of a lady. It’s just that she’s definitely been over-commercialized of late. And, honestly, sometimes she says things I just find to be entirely too racy or crass. Our 4 year old loves to watch “Miss Paula” and there are plenty of times when I am thankful that what Paula says on her party show go over the little one’s head. Given those factors, I can’t imagine her having a talk show. But, time well tell how it will work out for her.

  8. frances says:

    I’m from the great state of Alabama and find her absolutely appalling… What ” positive stereotype ” is she trying to portray…? There are many hard working women and single mothers in the south and I can tell you that the only ones who act like that are the dregs of our southern culture…In fact my ninety year old mother , who happens to be a great southern LADY , cannot bear to listen to her or watch her…She refers to Ms. Deen as that nasty trashy woman who screeches … And, personally I have never heard a southerner say Y’ALL every few syllables … And I was born,bred and raised in the south by great and true southern people…. She is an embarrassment …

  9. Not a Paula-Hater ,I’m definitely not enthralled though …But, so sick that she is perpetuated by Americans who are actually entertained by this moron…
    By the way… She needs a serious dose of salt peter….. She’s the most sexually hungry person I’ve ever seen..

  10. Um, there are about 500 channels out there, and you could all be watching something else if you don’t like Ms. Deen. At least she doesn’t put other people down like you all have done here! If you don’t like her, DON’T WATCH! Change the friggin’ channel — or here’s a novel idea — turn the TV off and read a book or go outside. Ms. Deen was very kind to a very dear friend of mine just before he died. I bet none of you have even met her. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for making nasty comments about someone you don’t even know and aren’t forced to encounter.

  11. So Rachel…You know Paula Deen personally ? Have you met her ?
    Well,enlighten yourself and open your mind up about your Miss Paula…Go to …


    Read this article and see why Paula Deen is INDEED the QUEEN OF MEAN !

  12. Oh and by the way it is MS.DEEN who should be ashamed of herself..
    For MANY reasons !

  13. Give me a break Gene! Blaming Paula for Smithfield is like blaming a Toyota owner for the fall of the US auto plants in Michigan! She is NOT the company or the products, or has any sayso in what is going on. If you want to dislike her potty mouth, or the fact that she is becoming too commercial, so be it. Just quit being stupid with the Smithfield crap. By the way, I have about 15 pounds of Smithfield porkchops in my freezer, does this make me next in line for the mean crown?????

  14. Lyn Borst says:

    Geeze people where is the love. What is the matter with all of you? If something good happens to another person who has worked hard and earned it, you all get up in the air about it. I am born and raised in the south, and yes sometimes I do not agree with the way Paula puts things on her show, but as a woman, mother, daughter, and someone who wants good for others. I am happy for you her. With nothing, ok 200 in her pocket she made something. And was working pretty much 24/7 to get here. So instead of saying she is selling out, and calling names can we just say good for her. Because if the shoe were on the other foot, you would want others being happy for your success. Maybe that is it, she has it and you don’t. Why can’t we just be happy for her… geeze..

  15. Lyn Borst says:

    PS …I do not need anyone to write to let me know I added an extra word there, I saw it after I posted it. So I am aware of my mistake.

  16. Stunned in Tunica says:

    An evening with Paula Deen was not what a lot of people expected.
    Instead of a evening with Paula Deen cooking and sharing family stories she shared oral sex, visits to the urologist and more. More than anyone would want to know. Why would Paula Deen think people who forked over 40 bucks would want to hear about oral sex and her trash mouth.
    While standing in the lobby of Harrah’s a very nice lady said her women’s group was furious with the xxx content of the Evening with Paula Deen with Paula referring to herself as a s_ut, s_ut. And telling a local newspaper reporter she is a slot s_ut.

    This woman needs to think to the future. She has a grandchild and will most likely have more. I can just hear the taunts at school.

    I doubt many people will watch her program that attended the Evening with Paula Deen due to being reminded of her trash talking.

    She is a beautiful lady and does not need and her audience does not want this kind of conduct from her.

    Very dissappointed in Tunica

    Read all about the grand opening and a Evening with Paula.

  17. You people that put down Paula Deen need to get a life! if you don’t like her so what! she made a name for herself with $200.00 in her pocket, I think she is so damned funny and down to earth, you all don’t know her from Adam, what is it envy? you all are so ready to believe what you read and call her trash I think is she is genuine as a flawless diamond! and you all should get a life and stay away from the food network if you don’t like her, she has millions of fans and i’m sure she will not miss you few! and her name is not paula smithfield, it’s paula deen, Gene!reply nasty if you must, because this BRonx, N.y girl will give it to you good! again GET A LIFE!

  18. oh, by the way I met paula and got a autograph when she was in n.y at the Food Network Studio in Chelsea Market taping paula’s party ! and yeah, I did talk to her!

  19. Oh shut the hell up. I don’t get why some of you are so critical of her. Shes hilarious and bighearted, and I’m thrilled to know shes getting her own talk show. I’m also glad to know such a down-to-earth type of gal is doing so well for herself.

  20. Well, I have to agree with one of the posts I read. I , too, am tired of her cackling, loud mouth. She’s become over bearing and ruined it when she got away from cooking and started gabbing too much and turning most of her conversations into sexual inuendo.
    She’s become extremely obnoxious , whether or not she’s come from rags to riches doesn’t matter. It’s where she is NOW and I turn her off every time she shows up on my t.v.

  21. Bev,
    It’s apparant why YOU like paula deen. Crass likes crass.

  22. Elizabeth,
    I too, am from the south. I’m a Georgia girl. You are correct in that P. Deen does NOT represent the south.
    She has NO humility.

  23. Paula Deen has become increasily embarrassing over the years. “Paula’s Party” is a prime example. Licking chocolate off people’s face? Sticking her tongue in butter? Making sexual comments?

    Why in the world does she feel like she has to overdue it? It’s like she’s a Southern Nazi.

    I’m so embarrassed for her I have to turn her off.

  24. Georgia Ann says:

    Opinions. … Be nice. Paula Deen deserves as much as anybody. We all have our own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Hopefully not one will broadcast me, with all my frailties, all over the world. We, who write on these blogs, sound as if someone really wants to know what we think. I guess we all need to just watch or don’t watch, talk with integrity, and leave Paula Deen and others alone.

  25. I think people should get over themselves and let her be. Could be that you are all a bunch of self centered people. If you don’t like it change the channel. Family time with you bitter people should be fun… Hope your families have a group plan to the therapist.

  26. Hey if we did not watch the Paula Deen Show to begin with she would not have gotten this popular. Don’t be a hater. I think this proves that anything can be achieved if you put your time and heart into it.

  27. Ms Deen has started showing her real self since fame and fortune came her way.
    She is for want of a better term, a tramp.
    Let`s hope Food Network drops this clueless creature soon.

  28. As a woman from the South, I believe Paula is the most realistic example of a southern woman on television. She loves food, men and telling it exactly like it is. If she didn’t touch the hearts of women who only dream to find the success in life she has, there wouldn’t even be this debate. Maybe she doesn’t fit into the mold of Martha and Julia Child, but tell me how realistic they are. All the women in my family were loud, large, laughing steele magnolias. Paula has exemplified this spirit of today’s southern belle. I recently had the privlidge of meeting Paula and her family, and it was like talking to my next door neighbor. Without a shred of “hoity toity”! That’s the kind of person we should be proud of.

  29. I believe she is a very good cook and at times she is Funny, but for her being a married woman who pawns over all the good looking men on her show definately sends a Bad message and while her Second? husband is in the audience sugest he either doesn’t care because he’s married to a gold mine or us hearing about a divorce in the future. She’s got out of control hormones or something…

  30. this show will not succeed because she is too over the top with all that Southern biz. I was born and raised in the South and love all things Southern but Paul Deen is too over the top. I can’t stand to watch her shows. From all I can tell she’s been quite a naughty girl. She slept with another woman’s husband for years. She is a complete phony.

  31. We people in Savannah do not moon people and do not poop in our driveways.This woman is white trash and makes people in Savannah look like poor inbreds whose father was a KKK member. We are nothing like Paula Deeen and I don’t say yall a million times in a sentence.She is a facke and a fraud who dated a married man for ten years in Savannah.

  32. Sheila Rebertus says:

    So many opinions, I love Ms. Deen and enjoy watching her shows. My 4 yr old granddaughter stops in her tracks when “Paula Deen” is on TV. We were in a Wal Mart store and on their TV monitor Paula came on cooking and my granddaughter yelled “Paula Deen she is my favorite cook. We had to stop to watch and many people loved how much she enjoyed watching her cook. I had to drag her away. I have a t-shirt saying ” Northern by birth, Southern by choice ” I love the recipes and will watch her and her sons whenever possible. Hope to meet her someday. And eat at The lady and Sons and Bubba’s. Love you Paula and your boys. You’ve done a wonderful job raising such wonderful men.

  33. I think Paula is great – she has done well for herself and I applaud her success… she deserves !!! However, I knew her personally, in Columbus, GA. (while she was probably age 21 through 30) while she was married to her first husband Jimmy, and Jamie and Bobby were small children. I never found her to be housebound or agoraphobic… I found her to becharming and a lot of fun – I just can’t understand where this “housebound until the age of 40” stuff comes from … She was great!. I saw her frequently and spent a lot of time in her company… decoupage class, the gym, shopping, lunches out. I’m confused where this agoraphobia stuff comes from. I never knew anything about it.

  34. Karli Duisen says:

    Excuse you people, but Paula Deen is someone who worked hard and deserves what she has. She is a great role model, because she is herself, and doesn’t let anyone pull her down. The only reason people don’t like her is because they’re jealous, so please get over yourself, and don’t try to trample on anyone who’s had success.

  35. Karli Duisen says:

    oh and by the way, when you all call her “white trash” that just proves how judgemental you all are.

  36. The thing is, many people outside the South already think all Southerners are illiterate, incestuous, road-kill-eating, low-class trash who cook with fatback, and I know this because I have worked and traveled all over and have very often encountered belief in that sterotype from people who seemed almost surprised, after hearing my accent, that I could walk upright. She milks the worst Southerner stereotypes for all they’re worth, never caring that the stupider viewers take her behavior (an indiscriminantly horny loudmouth) as gospel about how we all are. Isn’t it enough Britney Spears is from Louisiana? Can’t someone represent us better in pop culture/mass media? Or does the non-Southern public only want to see us all as jackasses, only as Britneys and Paulas literally showing their butts night and day?

  37. Paula started as a great inspiration but she has gotten too big for her britches unfortunately!!! Her sincerity has faded away and greedyness got in the way. Then to have K. Gosselin as a cohost on her new show tells me she is just not the classy lady she portrayed through the years to have such garbage as K Gosselin on her show. Shame on you Paula Deen for promoting trash like KG…but after reading about your filth talk on this website I can see why you did…It’s time to take out the trash and clean house….

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  40. June Hill says:

    I have never met her, I have never seen her show, I too, was born raised and grew up in the south , Jasper, Tennessee to be exact. However, I do review some of her recipes because she seems to cook much like my Mother who is now gone and her recipes as well. I am not a television buff and if I saw her show and didn’t like what I saw I would turn it off and avoid the program entirely. I would never lower myself to call her or anyone else names nor smear their name in the mud. Yet, I do wonder just how much of her “drawl” is real and how much is made up. I do know that a niece of mine has met her in person and states that she is totaly down to earth. I would like to meet her as she seems to be a very happy and jolly person. This world could use alot more people with her personality from what I have witnessed. I would love to recreate some of the recipes that she advertises ,however, sugar and my family do not mix. Diabetes is a killer so the only thing I can do is dream of the sweetness of her recipes and just imagine how good they would taste. Paula, if you are reading this, it would be my pleasure to meet you and I would love to know how to make pear preserves!

  41. homegirl21 says:

    Paula, has a potty mouth and it is getting ever worse and worse. It was better when she just openned it up to eat something while she was doing her cooking show, and talk with her mouth stuffed overflowing, but now she has to bombard us with trashy sexy talk. I wonder why she wasn’t recruited for the “Borat” movie. She should consider doing Mrs. Borat, the movie sequel. If she has so much energy why doesn’t she get into a more healthy life style and slim down herself and her husband…or just maybe Paula should just go straight to adult exotic movies, talk show and channels. It is time for her to go back on home, for good!

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  43. We recently saw Paul at her performance in Indiana and will never want to see her again. The whole hour was all about sex, extremely degrading and with no morals. How a person who has been blessed can mention the Lord and feel she could be an example to young and old. She may have fame but money has destroyed any good she could give to others.

  44. I love Paula Deen. She is so full of life and I wish I could say I knew her personally. I don’t see why everyone is criticizing her so harshly. She’s human like the rest of us, and she makes mistakes. I’m sure all those who hate her have made mistakes that are just as bad as the ones she has made. She’s not trash, and if I must bring the gospel into this the Lord loves her as much as He loves each of you. So relax. Let her live her life how she pleases and go on living yours.

  45. I agree with Marilyn from what I’ve gotten watching her shows to make some sort of call on her is that she is the typical wealthy person where attention must be constantly lavashed on her but alot of people are like that. I am a christian and I will say judging her will only get me judged. But her behavior is disturbing. I’ve seen too many of her shows where she pines and pawns over every good looking man she has on her show. That’s why she has such a following or audience. Independant women find her on screen life/behavior so appeeling. For it being a cooking show it’s very provocative and sexual. Maybe there should be a bed on the set and Considering that’s she’s married well I feel sorry for the second husband, but no one knows what truly goes on in a person’s mind. Either your the kind of person where Morals count and Money and Fame do not make that behavior by your spouse any easier to deal with, or You just don’t care because you live your own life outside the marriage and the ease of life that Money/Fame brings takes away the reality of what’s going on in the marriage or your married to a woman who just about constantly flirts with every hansome man on her show and it eats at you until your in counseling for it. Either way you look at it I’m not impressed with her, her Money/Fame or her So-Called Cooking Show. People will be people you can’t change them for the better. All you can do is Pray for them and you can stop watching their shows and buying all their goods they sell and if this upsets any of her concubine out there well the truth never feels good and NO I did not type this because I’m Jealous. I’m perfectly Happy with my Life and Self.

  46. She’s a Leo woman and that doesn’t help either just look at madonna and Martha Stewart. Yes very successful but very messed up inside where it counts the most.Have a Great day!!

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  48. Wow. No wonder there will never be a woman president, and no wonder women will (in general) remain 2nd class citizens around the world. Reason? Women can never stick up for each other, or if they do, they stick together in cliques. Catty, nasty, bitter, self-defeating witches. At least us guys stick together, with not too many hard feelings on the surface, and do our competing in the office, or the boardroom, or on the playing field. Women just sit in their kitchens (or behind anonymity, on blog comment-sections) and slam other women, whining like insecure schoolgirls. I think a lot of it seems to be a hatred for any other woman who seems happy, or successful, or who is not afraid to show some spark. Paula Deen is certainly a little over-the-top, at times, but I’m sure her producers tell her to ham it up a bit, and so what? Ham though she can be (and cook!), she is not some kind of monster who deserves to be called degrading names by silly, envious other women. She’s a woman with her own TV show, who needs to entertain to keep her show on the air. By the way, anyone who publicly calls someone else “white trash” while conveniently hiding behind the anonymity of a blog comment-section was ~not~ raised as a genuine Southern Lady, I can tell you that. People with real class don’t make such remarks about other people, particularly ladies. Pathetic.

  49. Hey Jr. are you shure your not a woman? Maybe you should get yer own talkshow on cooking.Have a great day.

  50. I don’t understand why you ALL have to trash Paula. She is fun loving and speaks what’s on her mind. I’m sure many of you have, as well – just not perhaps on tv. At least she’s “the real thing.” Many many of you are jealous of her success and wish you had her life and money? That’s my guess.

  51. Whatever happened to her talk show and why are we just now hearing about it? That was 3 years ago!!

  52. VERY good question, Ann! She announced it then NOTHING came of it. Wonder if that’s why her PR rep said not to mention it to everyone — she knew something Paula didn’t.

  53. I’ll bet it came down to money. Don’t these people have enough, as it is??? How many millions can you spend in a lifetime?

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